WordPress Optimization Matters, always - Optimized Featured Image

WordPress Optimization Matters, always

Why Optimizing WordPress sites is always a good idea.

Today it’s me walking around WordPress.com platform.

Speed Up Your WordPress Site Now!

And since I’m working on the “classic” wp-admin platform, I keep receiving the same message again and again

There’s an easier way to create on WordPress.com. Switch to the improved editor.

Don’t get me wrong. I used it. I installed the WordPress app and use it. Then I deliberately chose to come back to this editor, since I continue to write in the Text side, working inside the tags of HTML language. And I’m starting to think that writing HTML is one of the primary reasons of our fast rendering site.

Anyways, while the site started receiving some visits, one of themhttps://thingsthatneedtobesaidsite.com/ THINGS I NEED TO SAY – My musings, opinions, and observations inspired my curiosity. I read a post, I liked it, I liked the simple layout and the theme used, Hemingway RewrittenHemingway Rewritten – Official Free WordPress Theme. Another performance comparison. Yes.
A paid WordPress.comWordPress.com Plans – Discover what your website or blog can do with a powerful plan site, guessing a Personal one, with, as a fast comparison with our free site, custom domain name, a basic theme, simplest than ours, a couple of working plugins more.

So I started a comparison, just wondering if it could give better performances.

Same server? Difficult to say, NetName: AUTOMATTIC NetRange: – CIDR:

Maybe if someone pays for something expects to have some more…

IP address            
Location                        San Francisco, California, United States (US) flag
DNS server (NS record)          ns3.automattic.com (
                                ns1.automattic.com (
                                ns2.automattic.com (
Number of domains hosted        924,373
Number of mail servers hosted   10,988
Number of name servers hosted   166
IP address            
Location                        San Francisco, California, United States (US) flag
DNS server (NS record)          ns3.automattic.com (
                                ns2.automattic.com (
                                ns1.automattic.com (
Number of domains hosted        1,333
Number of mail servers hosted   80
Number of name servers hosted   64

Let’s go for what we can see, for sure:
Google PageSpeed Insights Mobile 61/100 Desktop 79/100
similar scores assign to our site, as we expected.

GTmetrix                    PageSpeed B80 - YSlow D68
                            Page Load Time 4.1s - 4.7s
                            Total Page Size 1.05 MB
                            Requests 70
Pingdom Website Speed       D65
Test Dallas, Texas, USA     Load Time   1.22s - 1.40s
                            Page Size   1.4 MB
                            Requests    139

I immediately repeated the test on our site, maybe there was some sort of congestion on WordPress servers. Nope, same results, some fluctuation, but the range remained the same we already published, around 2.0s on GTmetrixhttps://optimizeyour.wordpress.com/ Page Load Time: 2.0s on GTmetrix and around 800ms on Pingdom.

So I went further on and check some other random sites.

Well, our brand new optimize site resulted way long faster than the others. And we did nothing special. In a typical self-hosted WordPress site we can do far way better.

Some screenshots of tests, random WordPress sites, Gtmetrix and Pingdom.

The first chosen had/HAS a problem, tests hanging up or having errors. Not on all pages, I first visited and tested a host of heaven’s angels post and noticed a high loading time, so I tested the homepage, and found the problem. The reason is simple: Infinite Scroll. This site uses PenscratchPenscratch – Official Free WordPress Theme free theme. The most recent themes added a button to allow “load more” content to the infinite scroll function just to avoid problems like this. It’s homepage is big, too big, resources keep loading, passing a thousand very quickly, the browser can crash, or stop rendering the site. So it creates a bad user experience. My free advice to the site owner is to switch the Infinite Scroll off. A very easy fix.

And others.

This is a different situation. It is a self hosted WordPress site.

IP address Location Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (AU). Net Quadrant Pty Ltd is the hosting provider. And very easily is on a shared hosting server. Stargazer is the theme. No https. Standard plugins. No optimizations. Testing from Australia does not change the Page Load times.

And others.

This is a good example of a professional WordPress site, Premium or Business. It uses the free Stay theme and it is fast. Although not fully optimized, Atomattic servers are doing a great job: generated in 0.059 seconds – 32652 bytes batcached for 300 seconds. With a full optimization this site can load in a blink of an eye. The power of HTTP/2.

On the contrary, this self hosted WordPress site is really slow. And it uses softlayer.com which is a good environment. But scores and furthermore load times are what they are. Their server is in Dallas and we tested from Dallas. And it supports HTTP/2. A very strange behaviour.

And others.

There are strange high numbers. The most due by the Infinite Scroll active function. And that’s easy to fix. Simply deactivate or fine tune Infinite Scroll!

So, if you are interested in optimizing your WordPress site

we will help you satisfy your will
If you want, you can follow us on Twitter Twitter_bird_logo_36x36 - (we) Optimize Your WordPress Site - Optimized Image to direct message with us.
You maybe scale up the waiting queue and have your job done sooner.

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