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Bespoke, definition in the story of an hour

Bespoke, now


Back in the past. Interesting sights.

March 14, 2001 7:00 pm By 

I keep reading in magazines such as yours about “bespoke suits“ and “bespoke cocktails.“ What the hell is “bespoke“?

Bespoke is not exactly a new term, but it seems to be gaining in popularity. It means the opposite of off-the-rack. Bespoke clothing is custom-made clothing. It is not made to measure, as featured by many good clothing vendors. A made-to-measure item is a standard one customized at the factory in certain measurements and details. Bespoke is made from scratch to your specifications. I have no idea what the hell a bespoke cocktail is, unless it’s when a bartender makes something to your exact order, as in “I’ll have a Bombay gin martini, straight up, with two olives, shaken for a minute and a half, just rinse the glass out with Lillet and toss it out while you chant om.“


To me, bespoke is the way I took my job into my passion and my passion into my job. And the way I work. And it follows this way since long time. Always worked on the back side of the realization of websites, during the years, changing, evolving, developing new strategies. Every task I make, is absolutely a custom-made article. Maybe to forge it I use same tools and techniques, but, hey,think about what we are talking about in there is a distinct unique job for every site we optimize. Same targets, same tools, same techniques, same results, different site, different code, different task.

I like it, never boring, always stimulating.

I think that bespoke to me means a lot joy. Since I love what I do.




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