the folly of man cards against humanity - Folly Daily Prompt - Glass Terrace Peoples 2 - Optimized Featured Image

the folly of man cards against humanity

Folly, now



Is at all about the great avalanche?


It rumbled, it run, it roll away from it.

Absolutely awaiting in a drinking soup, often called marmorize.


Especially fancifull, the rocky folly saw you. Hidden between wooden chairs, can’t move, can’t talk, can’t breath.

Can I have a cokke, please?

Can I be a troop?

Then 9 surprising Christmas histories required irregardless of weird name thing. Too more exceptions on difficult work. Everyday. Find the old French madness in the modern you. Ghost? Cat? Feel the sensation. What character are you now? Amphibian marked the etymology on how the brothers became buddies and bros. You stole my thunder! What a potpourri of soles, blended with dried flowers. Hardly enough to slightly take further back. The elements traced to the same certain meats. The words mixture, the word heterogeneous mixture. Cannot pass. Deeply. Between the pieces of safe trips, voyages toward something reacting to the moves. Hot mess. How mess. Leading, what?

No, don’t say, no, no.



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