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SEO is… alive!

SEO: late 2016 observations

Speed Up Your WordPress Site Now!

We just stated this while publishing WordPress Full OptimizationWordPress Full Optimization | The next years age of SEO. Make your WordPress site full optimized emerge from the mass, attract more visitors, more subscribers, more social media followers, and do more sells..

We were also saying that optimizing a WordPress site will

“attract more visitors, subscribers, social media followers, and of course do more sells, if you have an eCommerce.”

It is obvious, and we already noticed, that in this free WordPress siteA free WordPress site, why? | The reason why we chose a free WordPress site to talk about our WordPress Optimization expertise. we cannot apply our WordPress Performance Optimization ServiceWordPress Performance Optimization Service | The best and unique system to get the maximum of Google PageSpeed Score, GTmetrix, Pingdom Website Speed Test, Web Page Performance Test, and all of the other metrix tools, for your WordPress site. In other words, the way to make your WordPress site as faster as possible, without changing hosting or adding CDN., because we have little to no control on the back-end side, on the plugins, and zero on server-side, so we optimize only what we can, HTML code and WordPress native image CDN Photon support. That said, we always write article with a SEO minded awareness. And the code behind every article is fully optimized too. Old SEO school it can be said. That is the serious WordPress SEO optimization service approach we always put in our job.

Does it still works?
Why wasting time writing code, unless using the improved editor as this WordPress dashboard continues to suggest?

Well, it’s part of our continuous testing modality, and we was saying we were testing SEO too, while talking about how to optimize WordPress website speed.

So we just notice that if we consider this:

WordPress Full Optimization

as search keyword, it is a little to no competition keyword, it cannot be considered a long tail keyword, under 3 words keyword is usually tough, it has little to no traffic, and the ranking sites are all majestic, aged domain, high authority, impossible to compete with.
Anyways, we were working, so we didn’t mind run after its ranking performances. But we went testing the new  Google Search Console Mobile-Friendly Test page, at the end of the test there is the chance to send the page to Google. Curiosity Killed the Cat. We submitted the page. Then we searched for the keyword. 2nd page, 4th position. We tested with an online proxy, from the Netherlands, 2nd page, 5th. Then it disappeared.


Google indexing was instant. Not in response of our submission, only because the site is already indexed. A great advantage of being hosted on, it’s authority matters.

The disappearing in the ranking is a well-known phenomena.

We received a little organic search engine traffic to the post page. We saw using the native Stats WordPress section.

SEO is dead?

We do not think so.

We will continue to study this case.


PS: We were about to Publish this post and just checked that on via online proxy the site appeared again, in 2nd page, 6th position.

Christmas note: After 10 days this page is in first page, between 8th and 10th position.

Make Your WordPress Site Full Optimized Now

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